Friday, September 24, 2010

RESTORE CLOTHING at Yesterday’s News Green Catwalk Event


Fabulous active sportswear from recycled and organic fabrics

From the Restore Clothing blog

September, 2010

24Sep 10

Yesterday’s News Green Catwalk Event

In keeping with the theme of the challenge we presented a black look, a white look, and a red look from our current collection.
[BLACK: Gathered Shoulder Sleeveless T and the 5 Pocket Pull-on Jeans on Jacquie. WHITE: Fitted Long Sleeve Wrap Hoodie, Tank (with built-in body fabric bra), and Meditation/Lounge Full Pant with earrings and a necklace by Kenny Hwang on Toni B. RED: Draped-back Hooded Zip Front Gown in red, recycled polyester on Sarah Anne.  All photos by Alex Whatton.]

Giedre is wearing Yesterday’s News – Newspaper Coat by Anthony Lilore of RESTORE ™ Clothing and newspaper & resin jewelry by Kenny Hwang.
The Hell’s Kitchen Plaid (named for our NYC neighborhood) is formed ALMOST entirely from the section headings of months of Saturday and Sunday copies of Yesterday’s New(s) York Times laminated to pages from the Arts & Leisure, Financial, Business, Wedding, Obituary, and Real Estate sections of the New York Times (the Hometown paper of the RESTORE ™ Clothing Team). The coat is double-breasted and has two full circle swings as the bottom section. The hand-painted one-of-a-kind lining is the artistic work of Frank Lilore and is meant to call attention to the vibrant colors of today’s multimedia news which, while Read All Over is anything but Black and White.
We were honored to be in the company of these eco-fashion pioneers’ designs:
From the left, Newspaper designs by: Samantha Pleet, Bahar Shahpar, Lara Miller, Anthony Lilore of RESTORE ™ Clothing and below, handbag designer Elias Abadi of Nahui Ollin:

We’d like to send a Big Thank You to Renee Loux, Cone Inc.Purina, Yesterday’s News, Frank Lilore, Brigitte Schwenner, and Alex Whatton for their hard work and dedication to this project.
And one last thing; all items are being auctioned off with all proceeds going to the charities of each designer’s choice. For RESTORE ™ Clothing, that’s Riverkeeper.  Click HERE for the link to ebay!  (This coat stands on it’s own in any wardrobe!)

Thanks again and if you want to see some behind-the-seams photos, click HERE to go to our Facebook Account and visit HERE for more photos and even videos from the event.
Our answers to the Sunday NY Times (Will Shortz) crossword puzzle as they appear on the sleeve of the coat.
Look Great. Feel Great. Do Great.

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