Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Restore Clothing in Yesterday's News do-gooder design challenge

Yesterday was the day of the first-of-its kind green catwalk and workshop event in New York City sponsored by Nestle/Purina Yesterday's News. I worked until 1.30 am that day to finish our final garment. It's a double swing coat made from dated newspaper fused and laminated to work as a raincoat. The coat features among other amazing details a hand woven plaid created with New York Times Headlines.
The lining  represents the multi-colored photography that contrasts the monochrome writing of a newspaper.
Each participating designer had the great opportunity to show in total four outfits of his/her collection including the newspaper design.
The paper garments will be auctioned off between now and September 29, 2010.The proceeds from the highest bid for each newspaper design and handbag will go to the designer's charity of choice. In addition Purina's Yesterday's News Brand will make a donation in the amount of 6000$ to each charity.
More about this event

The jewelry shown with the Restoreclothing collection was designed by
 Kenny Hwang

More about  Restoreclothing

me and 

   Giedre wearing the newspaper coat

Anthony Lilore showing the colorful lining of the coat

red recycled polyester bodysuit with cowl neckline in the back and V-front neck
As another model said:  You look hot!

Toni looks great and feels very comfortable wearing the wrapp knit hoodie with extra long narrow sleeves
and flaired knit pants

Jacque shows how sexy a knit jeans and a muscle shirt inspired top can look 

The red knit gown in recycled polyester with hood and extensive backcowl  was a huge  hit

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