Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's time to say good bye to the old and to make space for the new!

On Wednesday July 30th and Thursday 31st, I will have a sample sale at the Fashion Group International in NYC - it's on 40th Street, right at Bryant Park - . If you have time, why don't you come by for a fresh coffee, delicious (even though not home made) cookies. and great dresses. Would love to see you there!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What a beautiful Way to describe my Designs. Thank You at Subtile-ART.de!

........Mit viel Liebe und Hingabe entstehen dabei immer wieder traumhafte Kollektionen voller femininer Weiblichkeit. Fulminant und elegant mit einem klassischen Charme zeigt sich die Mode von Brigitte Schwenner. Zeitlos sind die Frauen, die sie tragen. Eine perfekte Harmonie zwischen den klaren und dennoch raffinierten Linien sowie Kontrasten......

More at    http://subtile-art.de/marke-sievering/

Saturday, September 21, 2013

As guest in the Michael S. Robinson Show AM970 - THE ANSWER

I had a great time being on the Michael S. Robinson Show AM970 "THE ANSWER" talking  with Michael and co-host Audrey Smaltz of The Ground Crew about "The Business of Fashion"

Photo: The podcast from this past Saturday is up! 

Topic of discussion: The Business of Fashion Part II: Women's Wear

Radio has never looked so good! http://mikesrobinson.com/podcasts/

To listen to what we had to say on 09-14-2013, here the link to the podcast of the show:

More about Michael an TheAnswer:
Twitter: @msrobinsonny

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Showing six of my Evening/Bridal Designs as well as some of my Post Mastectomy/Post Implant Surgery Bra Design Variations at the Fashion Law Institute Runway Show during New York City Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

MBFW: Fashion Law Institute Presentation

My designs on Zimbio:
As one of six designers I was invited to show my designs at the Fashion Law Institute Runway Show during MBFW at Lincoln Center. This link to ZIMBIO brings us to a page with great photos of all designs shown.
My designs can be seen on photo no:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Full Video of the Fashion Law Institute Runway Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

This video shows the the whole show mentioning all designers participating


The show is opening with designs by Blaise Kavanagh
followed by designs of              A RAY by Lizzy Seklir
                                               Cabiria by Eden Miller
                                               Ex Ovo by Katrin Zimmermann
                                               PHYN by Lisa Flannery
and is closing with  six of my designs  
                                               SIEVERING by Brigitte Schwenner

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Critic Award Ceremony at the Opening of the Fashion Design AAS Exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York

As the Critic of one of the Spring 2013 Graduating Classes, I was delighted to give the Critic Award to a student who more than deserved to get it. Hoon Hwa Na, the winner, did incredible work creating an absolutely outstanding garment. The design idea as well as the execution and her overall work ethic were simply excellent. I was ensured that I chose the right person when the whole class confirmed my decision with applause.
Seven more of my students' designs got chosen by the judges to be shown as great examples of the class's work during the           Fashion Design AAS Exhibition at FIT.
Among those students are
Natasha Bookal, Haley Danzig, Angely De Aza, Glenys Nadia,  
 Brittany Soto, Pearl Sun, and Briana Williams
Many more students who didn't get chosen also created wonderful garments and amazed me with their skills and attitude. Often enough I thought "WOW, this is 8th semester work, but HEY, they are just in their 4th". I loved to work with each and everyone.
The inspiration and this semester's theme was based on           "Andy Warhol and the 1960s".
For me, it was very important to approach the goal very openly to be able to find out where talent was hidden. And, as we could see, it got interpreted in many different ways. The students proofed that they were able to go new, different, unexplored, maybe even inconvenient, exciting, and sometimes very challenging ways. I feel that it is just amazing, where a design idea, combined with several other factors, as may be heritage, environmental or interpersonal influences, can bring us.

The Critic Award Winner Hoon Hwa Na with FIT President Joyce F. Brown, Fashion Design Chairperson Colette L. Wong, and me

me, telling everybody how proud I was

Saturday, April 27, 2013

World Intellectual Property Day event at The Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School

I joined yesterday's World Intellectual Property Day event at The Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University.
With its open clinic, the Fashion Law Institute gives designers the great opportunity to get information about IP rights.

During the event, I talked about how I was not able to protect my intelectual property when my designs got copied .

Let's support it the Fashion Law Institute and all it's efforts.
We need better laws to protect our designs!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Look at the Back of my Red Zipper Dress from Fall 2011

This silk zipper dress, designed and made be me, was created in Summer 2011 and shown at the Fashion Group International (FGI) Ready-to-Wear Show in Fall 2011 and at the Induction of Ralph Rucci and Donald Brooks to the Fashion Walk of Fame in October 2011.