Sunday, July 19, 2020

WKRC Cincinnati mentions my mask in a story

WKRC Cincinnati brought a fabulous story about face masks with the title "Expressing yourself through masks: A Poem". In the story, David Winter, the journalist who wrote the story, chose to, among others, also show a photo of the pale pink cotton / black lace face mask I make and sell in my store BrigitteSParis on ETSY
So nice, thank you!

Quote of David Winter's story:
"CINCINNATI (WKRC) - With all the talk about wearing masks these days, Local 12 decided to look into how you can express your thoughts, without expressing your breath. So, we turned to the crafty website, Etsy, and we no longer have to pass each other expressionless on the street:
You can find masks there, whether you love OU, UK or are okay with UC.
If you’re into birds or bikes or beers.
If you want pink and plastic, or delicate and daisy’ed to save your ears.
There are masks for those who love coffee -- though you must give most masks the slip when you take a sip.
A little flappy ingenuity fixes that affliction to remain masked while feeding your addiction.
Some prefer leather, some prefer lace, some prefer snakeskin to cover their face.
They say to avoid religion and politics while you’re at work, but some people can’t mask their feelings.
Especially when it comes to the president. Some don’t like Mr. Trump, some agree with Mr. Trump, some want to be Mr. Trump.
Some want to show they back Black Lives Matter. AC/DC fans just want to be Back in Black.
Let’s face it, most of us are just dog-tired of wearing masks and looking at each other’s expressionless faces.
So, whether you’re feeling sexy or silly or smiley or sad these days,
Give people a little window into your demeanor, if you choose.
Express your feelings with a mask.
And do it on the news."

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