Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank you SUPIMA -world's finest cottons for such a nice post about me

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SUCCESS WITH SUPIMA: Sievering nominated for FGI Award
NEW YORK -- She was one of the winners in the first-ever Supima Design Competition. And now she's a finalist for one of the industry's top honors.

Brigitte Schwenner, designer and owner of the Sievering couture collection, has been named one of the finalists in the Fashion Group International's Rising Star Awards, which will be named at a luncheon at Cipriani here in New York on January 22.

Schwenner, as fans of the 2008 Supima Design Competition may recall, impressed the judges with her superb execution of two technically difficult designs, including a long and elegant evening sheath of Kaihara stretch denim (pictured at right), which featured a minimalist neck-to-hem, two-way zipper construction--creating a face-graming "necklace" neckline in front and a dramatic, exit-making back view.

The feat was all the more impressive since Schwenner was more accustomed to working with couture-quality silks and satins.

"The elasticity of the denim supported the perfect fit of that gown," explained Schwenner, who also turned out a strapless dress made of Choi & Shin pique for the Supima runway finale.

A native of Germany, Schwenner studied chemistry and lived in Japan before coming to the U.S. in 1999. A summa cum laude graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Brigitte’s training in haute couture has also included internships under Francois Bouchet in Carolina Herrera’s atelier.

In 2006, she began Sievering, her own custom-couture business. Her philosophy: "We work with our client to create a design to suit you. Every step of the way we engage you in the design development process to establish a look that is uniquely yours. Together we will select the fabric, the color and the silhouette that expresses who you truly are. Explore the possibilities with a creation that is personal rather than manufactured and expresses the different aspects of today’s woman."

Log on to the Sievering website to see her latest bridal, evening, and cocktail dresses.
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