Friday, January 29, 2010


What is your company’s vision?
At Sievering the philosophy is simple. I work with my client to create a design to suit her. Every step of the way I engage her in the design development process to establish a look that is uniquely hers. I will select the fabric, the color and the silhouette that expresses who she truly is. Having always the wish to support her beauty I explore the possibilities with a creation that is personal rather than manufactured and expresses the different aspects of today’s woman.
For her fashion is not just something she wears; for many it becomes a state of mind. It is a way of expressing her personality and a reflection of who she is. It can turn a gray day into a sunny one with just glance in the mirror. When she feels confident, she acts self-assured. Nothing can stand in her way when she puts on your favorite pair of shoes with that new stunning dress. Using that new sense of style lets her showcase that new found buoyancy.

What defines you as a Rising Star?
My ready to wear designs show a high almost timeless creativity. My unique designs combine sophistication in style with detailed workmanship. The perfect workmanship and the perfect fit, which are extremely important to me, build the foundation of my work. The designs are always complimenting the woman’s body, whether they are accentuating a woman’s curves by following the body’s shape as a sexy bias dress or they might hide those unwanted ones as a playful A-line dress.
I am always up for a challenge, which can be recognized in many of my garments.
*For one I designed a beautifully rushed chiffon upper back. It looks soft and loose. To get this look I had to add an invisible support that kept the garment in shape and let the back look as I wanted it to.
*Another challenge was to have a decorative zipper going around the stove pipe neckline without adding an additional seam in the center front of the dress, which I was able to include in my design.
*When necessary I also create the fabric on my own to get to the desired result.
I am not afraid to invest a lot of time and craftsmanship into the creation of each design. The perfect fit is very important as well as the seam finishing, and the lining of the garment. Sometimes it happens that the fabric I use for the inside of the garment is more expensive than what I use as shell fabric. My experience shows, that the cool softness of silk charmeuse lets every woman feel much more beautiful and sexy when she is wearing it directly on her skin.
I am convinced that not only making the woman beautiful from the outside but also letting her feel beautiful from the inside is very important.

Please complete this phrase: “The single most important thing that I have learned during my career is……”If you know that you are doing the right thing, never stop believing and trusting yourself and your destination!

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