Saturday, June 21, 2014

Erika's and Mel's Wedding

What a day!
On June 21st, my dear friend Erika Rohrbach got married to her longtime partner Maryellen Hauslaib. 
It was so beautiful when these two amazing women, who said "yes" to each other many years ago, finally were able to make their bond official. It was very moving, when Erika said that she thought she would never be able to marry her love.

When Erika approached me a few months ago, telling me that she would like me to make both of their wedding outfits-except for Mel's pants, they for sure had to be white Levis- I felt so very pleased and happy.
One Saturday we met at their home. After having a delicious meal cooked by Erika,  they showed me their closet and the garments they liked the best. This way, I got an idea of their style and of what they would like to wear at their special day. When I showed my designs, Mel immediately liked the idea of including an industrial zipper into the designs.
After they chose their outfits from the sketches I made, we went shopping for fabric. Erika chose a silver leather laser cut lace for her top with a matching zipper as design detail and light grey heavy weight silk satin for her pants. Mel chose a blue hammered silk for her top. also with matching industrial zipper.
I am not sure anymore, but I think it was Mel who recognized that one design complements the other one.While the zipper on Erika's top starts in the front and ends at the back neckline, Mel's starts in the back and ends at the front neck like showing that the partners support and complement each other and that they work as a team what, I think, is the best foundation for a marriage,

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